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Raise the seat in your 2019 and later Hobie Outback almost 3" in the front and almost 2" in the rear. Doing so will increase your under seat storage, make standing to fish easier, and provide a more comfortable pedaling position.


All of the Outbacks we tested required a slightly longer rear riser on the left. We machined the risers to fit what we have found to be the norm from the factory. One riser will be a little longer than the other.  Also be aware that raising your seat will interfere with the aftermarket H-rail kit if you have one installed.


Kit includes

2 - Metal brackets with stainless steel hardware to raise the front

2 - Solid milled HDPE plastic blocks with stainless steel hardware to raise the rear of the seat.

1 - Strap extension to ensure your seat is buckled to your Outback


The stability of your kayak will be altered. Always wear your flotation device and practice water safety. We recommend testing your new seat height in shallow calm water.

MD Outback Seat Riser Kit

SKU: HOB-0000
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