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*** Note ***Late model 2023 and 2024 Outbacks have a design change in the rudder area which doesnt allow the SAI Rudder to fully retract.  We currently have this new rudder design available in black only.  Please leave a note requesting the new design when ordering.  If you want to confirm which model you need please email us a picture of your rudder housing with the rudder in the deployed position.  


The SAI Super Rudder XL was developed specifically for your 2019+ Hobie Outback. Our aluminum upgrade is much more rigid and almost 20 percent larger than the stock rudder to give you maximum rudder authority. We've added length to our XL version so that the rudder doesn't hang lower than the hull when in the stowed position. Wider rudders can stick out lower than the hull resulting in a breakage prone position when being dragged.


Comes with Rudder, 2 properly sized spacers, a new 1/4-20 lock nut.


The Super Rudder XL will work with your Hobie Outback Load assist without modifications.


Watch Install Video Here!!!!!

SAI Super Rudder XL

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