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This Rudder will only work with the SAI ULTRA RUDDER ASSEMBLY (SOLD SEPARATELY Click here to go to it)!!!!!!




The SAI ULTRA RUDDER is here. Mount your J-1, J-2, or K-1 Bixpy to an SAI ULTRA RUDDER and get more control with the added contoured rudder that wraps the Bixpy housing. You will experince improved turning both under power and when not using your Bixpy. You can also buy a regular rudder upgraded rudder (SAI SUPER RUDDER with Ultra Block) to easily swap out when you dont want your Bixpy on board but you still need maximum rudder authority.


You will also enjoy making the choice of when to lock your rudder in the down position. Of course you will want to take advantage of the reverse your Bixpy motor offers. To do so, your rudder must lock in the down position making your rudder and motor prone to underwater hazards. The Ultra Rudder system allows you to choose when your rudder is locked by pulling your rudder deploy cable. When the rudder lock control is in the up position the rudder is locked, when pulled forward your rudder is unlocked.


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$99.00Sale Price

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